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AI-powered Multilingual Broadcasting
in Japanese, English, Chinese

Professional & AI Translations at Your Service

Translation Firm with Over 10,000 Projects Launches

Chat GPT-Powered Japanese, English, Chinese Services

For documents where reliability is paramount, choose our 'Premier Translation' service, crafted by professional translators. Or opt for our 'AI Translation', utilising ChatGPT, where professional translators provide guidance and proofreading, offering high quality while significantly reducing costs and time. Select the approach that best fits your communication style.

AI-Assisted Multilingual Communication Support

Leverage ChatGPT to disseminate information about your products and services in Japanese, English, and Chinese. Our use of AI enables us to quickly share a wealth of information. Our translators will handle the prompts for the AI and check the generated text. With our extensive experience in translation in Japan, we ensure that the quality of our service is on par with traditional translation methods, successfully conveying your messages to the Japanese market.

Premium Translation Services

We offer top-tier translation services, managed by translators who have maintained the highest ratings in major translation sites and have handled over 10,000 projects, including for government offices and major corporations. While we incorporate AI, we invest heavily in detailed communication with you and in checking the output and specialized expressions. This ensures the quality required for official documents. Additionally, we provide support for publishing, video, app, and game distribution targeted for the Japanese market. Please feel free to consult us.

Development of MyGPT

Our expert translators personally customise ChatGPT for you, taking into account the specifics of your business, store, or product. They examine translation rules and tendencies in each language that ChatGPT should adhere to, and then create and set the prompts accordingly.

By converting this into a mini-app on the ChatGPT platform, you can instantly generate translations in Japanese and Chinese using ChatGPT yourself. This ensures that the unique names and content of your business, store, or product are more accurately reflected in the generated text, making multilingual communication on social media and other platforms much easier.

The Process of AI Multilingual Broadcasting


Request Confirmation & Quotation

We confirm your requirements and provide a quotation. While the standard method for translation estimates is to multiply the number of characters or words by the unit price, we base our quotes on the amount of work required to meet your specific needs. Our contracts are typically based on monthly work volumes, with a minimum duration of three months. However, depending on the project, we are also open to spot contracts.


Translation by ChatGPT

Our experienced AI translators will create prompts based on your original text, which can be rough bullet points rather than a full draft. These prompts are adjusted according to the output language and the intended audience. Once the prompt is ready, we utilize ChatGPT to generate texts in Japanese and Chinese.


Translator Review and Modification

Our native speaker translators will meticulously check and amend the translations to ensure high quality. The final product undergoes a rigorous review for each language before it reaches you. Besides delivering text data, we also offer additional services such as integration into websites, social media posting, and finalizing the content for print or video formats.

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About Ginza Fanyi

Based in Ginza, Tokyo's premium area, we operate with expertise and passion. As a linguistic bridge, we fully support our clients' business expansion.

Ginza Fanyi

5F Ginza Fugetsudo Bldg., 6-6-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Zip 104-0061 

Exceptional Translation Track Record

Over 10,000 dealings with end-users, major translation websites, and translation agencies. Maintaining scores in the 9s (out of 10) in internal ratings of major translation platforms.....

As a translation office, we take pride in our extensive track record. We have numerous case studies, and more notably, we maintain top-tier ratings of around 9 out of 10 in the internal evaluations (assessed by quality control departments, not amateur customer ratings) of major translation platform.

[Translation Portfolio Examples]
Products, Stores, Services

Narita International Airport / Expressways / Rakuten / Amazon Stores



Tourism Information

Local Governments / Major Hotel Chains

Food and Beverage

Major Gourmet Information Sites / Japanese Restaurants / Yakiniku Chains / Katsudon Chains


Marketing Plans / Brochures / Manuals / Contracts / Greeting Letters / Digital Signage


Newspaper Articles / TV Program Subtitles / Web Articles / Novels



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