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Ginza Kobikicho Navi

Ginza Kobikicho, located in the Higashi-Ginza area, is a unique part of Ginza known for its traditional charm. The name "Kobikicho" dates back to the Edo period (17th century onwards) and was used until 1951. This area retains a quaint, old-town atmosphere, distinct from the more glamorous parts of Ginza.

The Charm of Ginza Kobikicho

The Kobikicho area is famous for its small, charming shops. Despite their size, these shops are well-known and often have long lines of people waiting to get in. The narrow streets are filled with the lively energy of visitors and locals alike, creating a vibrant atmosphere throughout the neighbourhood.

Discovering Ginza Kobikicho

We are a professional translation agency that has been operating in Ginza for many years. While we offer high-quality translation services using AI, we also share information about Ginza online. We aim to bring you the real charm of Kobikicho, which you might not find in regular travel guides. As local experts, we offer custom-made mini-tours for those who want an insider's experience of Ginza. If you are interested, please contact us.

We hope that through Ginza Kobikicho Navi, you will enjoy and deeply appreciate the true essence of Kobikicho. Here, we will introduce not the Michelin-starred restaurants, but the casual spots that are not often featured in guidebooks.




Bongen Coffee (Map / Info

A popular coffee shop where you can enjoy a Japanese-style atmosphere. Perfect for takeaway.

Roar Coffee (Map / Info

A unique place with a white interior and samurai armour. Enjoy your coffee either inside or take it away.

Ginza Banana Juice (Map)

A popular shop known for its rich banana juice and various toppings to choose from.

Hajimete no Banana (Map)

A drink stand specialising in banana juice. You might even spot a cute monkey mascot if you're lucky.

Ijooz (Map)

An orange juice vending machine that squeezes fresh oranges on the spot. Located next to the entrance of the Hotel Ginza Daiei, which retains a 1960s vibe.


🍰Snacks & Sweets


Shio Pan-ya Pain Maison (Map / Info)

Salt bread with a popular olive oil flavour. Due to its popularity, make sure to reserve your spot online to avoid long lines.

Age. 3 (Age-san) (Map)

Deep-fried sliced bread sandwiches filled with plenty of fresh cream. They also offer fruit and savoury sandwiches.

Dolce La Bettola (Map / Info)

A dessert shop affiliated with the long-established Italian restaurant "La Bettola," located nearby. Takeaway only.

Yoshiya (Map / Info)

A traditional dorayaki (Japanese sweet) shop with a history of 100 years. Perfect for those wanting to enjoy Japanese sweets.

Choushiya (Map / Info)

A long-standing specialist in Japanese croquettes. Their crispy croquette sandwiches are also a treat.

Nishikawa (Map / Info)

One of the leading shops of "luxury bread," which has been very popular in Japan in recent years.


🎁Souvenirs & Goods


Ginza Hitokiwa Enzo (Map)

A kimono shop with many affordable Japanese patterned accessories at the storefront. Recommended for buying Japanese souvenirs.

Kojiya Sanshiro (Map)

A shop filled with local Japanese sake. The owner has a background at Nikka Whisky. They offer a variety of snacks and in-store tastings.

II Ado Company (Map)

One of Japan's top miniature car speciality shops. A treasure trove of rare and discontinued models. Perfect for buying detailed Japanese-made miniature cars like Tomica.

Kouya Hirose (Map)

Although a kimono shop, they also offer original indigo-dyed shirts and bags with minimal designs. Note: Google Maps incorrectly lists it as a cleaning shop.

Kobikicho Hiroba (Map / Info)

A shopping mall for souvenirs located in the basement of the Kabuki-za Theatre. Enjoy shopping for Japanese souvenirs while experiencing the Kabuki-za atmosphere.


🏪Convenience Stores


7-Eleven Ginza 2-Chome Store (Map)

A relatively spacious store with a good selection of products. Many staff members from East Asia and Southeast Asia, so English and other languages are supported.

Natural Lawson Ginza 2-Chome Store (Map)

A premium convenience store offering rare products unique to Ginza. Many multinational staff members, including those from South Asia, providing English support.

7-Eleven Ginza 1-Chome Store (Map)

Located on the ground floor of the Seiko Watch building. Well-stocked with a variety of products.

7-Eleven Ginza 3-Chome Store (Map)

Conveniently located right next to a park.

Lawson Higashi-Ginza Sta. (Map)

Conveniently located right next to a park. Offers the typical selection of Lawson products.


🌳Relaxation Spots


Kaedegawa Shintomihashi Park (Map)

A scenic park with a charming small bridge. Note: There is a smoking area, so be cautious if you dislike tobacco smoke.

Kyobashi Park (Map)

A spacious urban oasis with playground equipment. Enjoy the changing seasons with the trees. Adjacent public facility with toilets. Ideal for families with children. Smoking is strictly prohibited as it also serves as a playground for nearby nurseries.

Tsukijigawa Kameibashi Park (Map)

A park with beautiful cherry blossoms in spring and plenty of seating. Toilets are available.

Tsukijigawa Iwaibashi Park (Map)

Although there are few benches, there are seating areas. Enjoy cherry blossoms in spring. A portable toilet is available.

Tsukijigawa Ginza Park (地図)

A spacious park along Harumi-dori Street. Offers a panoramic view of both Ginza and Tsukiji. The elevated highway below used to be the Tsukijigawa River. You can also see the Tokyo Skytree to the north.


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