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Pole Ads for Ginza Fanyi Appear in Ginza! Scan and Enjoy Kobikicho!

We have placed pole advertising in Tokyo's Ginza!

When you scan a QR code or an XPAND Code, you'll be directed to the "Ginza Kobikicho Navi" page, which guides you to recommended spots in the local Ginza Kobikicho area.

We offer recommendations from a unique local perspective, not found on review sites, available in English, Japanese, and Chinese. When you visit Ginza, be sure to scan our pole advertising.

This video shows what happens when you scan the QR code.

This video shows what happens when you scan the XPAND Code.

The pole advertisements are located in front of the popular salt bread shop in Ginza 2 and near the north side of Magazine House in Ginza 3, in front of Roar Coffee. Please check them out.

Even if you don’t have an app that can read XPAND Codes, try scanning the App Clip code with your camera. The app will launch without needing installation. Unfortunately, this is only compatible with iPhones, so Android users should try installing from Google Play.

From Ginza, Japan’s premium district, why not launch your products or services? Please consult with us.


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