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Use Chuo-ku's "Happy Vouchers" for Translation Services

This is an announcement specifically for residents of Chuo-ku in Tokyo regarding the Chuo-ku premium voucher, known as the "Happy Voucher".

This voucher allows for an additional 20% value, making it an extremely advantageous offer. We has been designated as a participating business by Chuo-ku, so when you use our translation services with the Happy Voucher, you'll receive an extra 20% value. Please be aware that this offer is valid until the 31st of next week for this fiscal year.

Additionally, the application for the lottery of next fiscal year's Happy Vouchers, which will be valid from around June and offer an extra 30% value, has started. However, the application deadline is day after tomorrow. Residents of Chuo-ku, please hurry.

Of course, we will continue to be a participating business in the Happy Voucher scheme for the next fiscal year.


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